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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 5, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EST

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they are lucky . >> time now to get scrambled up. gretchen carlson here to help us out. >> gretchen: i saw that word. you have it? >> it is. headquarters. "fox and friends" starts tomorrow. for our election coverage we'll be with you here at 4:00 a.m.. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it is monday november 5th. i am gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing the important news day. president obama and mitt romney blitz the key swing states in the next 24 hours. we are life with what you may expect.
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>> steve: did one word explain the president's campaign? >> at the time the republican congress and a senate candidate by the name of mitt romney. no, no, no. don't boo, vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. >> steve: he's off prompter there. reaction to the president encouraging voters to get revenge and vote for him. >> brian: drivers on the east coast are waiting hours for gas only to only to be abandoned and having to push the cars home. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends". >> gretchen: there is the
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american headquarters again. this is the big week so many people waited for especially if you are in the news business or political junky. >> steve: 17 months we have waited and spending three billion and in 24 hours from now we'll say the polls are open. >> brian: and wednesday we'll be cooking in ceramic. >> gretchen: i thought you said you are cooking at your house meaning it is back to normal. >> brian: no. >> gretchen: sticking to the election now. every hour and rally makes a difference. we have florida kelly wright in washington to lookk at the closing pitches. >> good morning as well. it is the final day before tomorrow, governor mitt romney is giving everything he's got to win the presidency. it is the last full day of
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campaigning for mitt romney. he will spend the day to urge people to get out and vote. he offers new leadership and faith in the american spirit. >> does anyone fear that the american dream is fading away and wondering if better jobs and paychecks are the thing of a past. i have a clear message. with the right leadership america is about to come roaring back. >> president obama went to colorado where he's in a very close race with governor and he won the state four years ago. >> this is not just a choice between two candidates and two parties, it is a choice of two visions for america. it is a choice between a return for the top down policiless that crashed our policy or the strong growing
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middle class base policies that are getting us out of a crisis. >> so both president obama and mitt romney will be hop scotching and landing in swing state after swing state. governor romney will campaign in florida and new hampshire and ohio. and president obama will travel to florida and ohio before going back to his home. >> brian: do you think florida will be close? there were problems with a polls . the judge ordered the polling location to stay open four hear worries. and another polling location people waited six hour to fix the problem.
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incredible. phil don't we have the voting thing down yet? >> yeah, you know the republican led legislature and republican governor changed early voting this past session reducing the number of early voting days and hours and supposed to end 7:00 p.m. saturday night. that doesn't stop people in central florida and miami-dade and filling out their bubbles. >> this is a democracy? >> yeah, the big crowd showed up in durall? that's where the miami-dade election. word spread they would open up four hours and anybody who wanted to come in and request an absentee ballot and fill it out would be allowed to do so. is that different than early
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voting? lawyers can argue that into the week. orange county one polling precinct in winter park south of stanford where mitt romney will be. and the judge ordered that place t open up four additional hours because on saturday there were suspicious packages and the bomb team had to come out. they determined it was nothing. and four hours were reduced. 332 people able to vote early yesterday. these are the long lines that led to so much call by democrats for extension of early voting . the governor steadfast in his refusal to do so. people were waiting in line to cast their votes early over the weekend. up to six hours long. in fact palm beach county said even though saturday night early voting officially closed
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at 7:00. you will be able to stand in line and cast your ballot . the last person to vote early on saturday night will be 2:30 sunday morning. selects will be opened to allow people to come in and fill out absentee ballot. and then big election day tomorrow . so the crowds elections offices hope it will be more spret out. if you are in line 7 o'clock tomorrow night and there is a line. you will be able to put your vote in. democratic leading obama leading by one point and over
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the weekend tampa day tribune showed romney leading by six percent. we'll see soon. and just a perfect circle your vote counts. especially in florida . mitt romney will be in florida, and ohio and boston to watch the election . he's voting for himself . the president of the united states was in ohio, wisconsin and virginia and today in wisconsin and ohio. i tell you one thing. these guys are sprinting and blitzing to the finish. >> if you look at the crowds, the president of the united states sounds like he's losing his voice by the end of the day. and mitt romney in buckscounty, pennsylvania had 30,000. and it said it rivaled george bush's appearance back in 2004 and polls in pennsylvania look like mr. mitt romney regained
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the momentum that was stalled with sandy and could do well. >> gretchen: one of the things people have say . is it important to go negative or stay positive. you have done your negative advertising and more important to speak about america in general and the great nation that we are and vote patriotism or get the jabs. the president got in one word that republicans have latched on to right now. they played -- we'll play the sound bite and then mitt romney will respond. the word is "revenge". >> at the time the republican congress and a senate candidate by the name of mitt romney. no, no, no. don't boo, vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. >> yesterday president obama
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asked his supporters to vote for revenge. for revenge. instead i ask the american people to vote for love of country. >> you know when you lookk right there. you can see mitt romney looks very presidential and you lookk at the president of the united states and his much talked about likeability wearing thin. >> brian: it is a dead heat in the voting right now. meanwhile charles krauthammer talked about this with karl rove. >> gretchen: i did. >> brian: we put it in there. >> steve: hit play. >> i think that played right in the romney strategy and showed how obama remains. always on the attack. to be fair. he was quoting scott
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fitzgerald who said living well is the best revenge. revenge is not the best word to use in a closing argument. >> that was deeply reveal in the campaign. and he said something spontanous. you didn't build that and now this one. he's not a happy happy warrior. and the instinct of those politician would be to take the booing of the crowd to turn it into something positive. the president is angry and pushing his finger in the air and looking side ways. >> steve: for a lot of people, when you watch mitt romney's closing argument. he promises bigec had -- big changes. he will bringg people together. the president of the united states said his intent is try
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to convince america that the last four years are successful >> gretchen: he also said he would together and across the aisle with the flish four years was not bipartisan. >> brian: stimulus package didn't get one republican vote. >> steve: and the president wants you to forget bipartan. some should we get romm nesia or amnesia. >> gretchen: and after endorsing president obama in 2008, they are now backing mitt romney saying the election is about jobs. romney has a strong record of success working across the line. they have endorsed the winner of every election since 191980
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except one. >> a accident in the zoo. a two year old boy fell and was attacked. one dog would not back off. it was shot. the zoo is closed indefinitely. >> the caucus of new jersey. desperate drivers in line this morning. only people with license plates ending in a odd number can fill up. governor christy implemented odd/even rations. >> that was the story in long island, too. >> generalls weighing in on the presidential race. what they have to say next.
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>> steve: rom romm's latest endorsement from nearly 500 america's finest. military leaders throwing support behind the republican nominee in a full-page ad. why does the military's top brass think he would do a better job? peter is a veteran of the war in iraq and ceo of concerned veterans for america. pete. the adshows 500 generals and admirals endorsed mitt romney and how many military romney 496 and the president current commander-in-chief. five. explain those and the wide
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desparity. >> i am not top brass but you are looking for clear-eyed leaddership and the 496 generals and admirals it is not the campaign, but took the ad to say we need leadership and not bowing. think if you are a and admiral and dealing with a leader that white washes what we have. and you want a leader who said we were attacked in libya. and fighting terrorist. we have enemies that still seek our destruction and they want a commander and chief that call its like it is. >> steve: you think it is similar with rank and file folks. >> it is not 500 to 5. but we have seen 2-one romney
6:19 am
over obama. they will serve under either president republican or democrat but they have seen in the commander and chief lack of decisive leadership. and you see that in the polls. >> steve: i talk happened to active duty military. they are upset that he went on the apology tour and upset, he apologized for our guys and the murder of four of your americans in benghazi we are really sorry about that video, folks. >> apologizing. and mitt romney wrote a book called no apology. i use a small unit example. and i want to know that they will give clear guidance and have your back. they will not make excuses if you make a mistake. members of the military want
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to see that from their commander-in-chief and they building they would see that from mitt romney. >> steve: captain, thank you for reporting for duty. meanwhile, 20 minutes on the top of the hour. the president sat down with 60 minutes and now cbs released a key part of the interview that never aired. what did the president really know in 24 hours. we'll play it for you. and hurricane sandy handed the president a perfect photop. can romney rebound. can romney rebound? peggy said absolutely. [ male announcer ] free windows 8 training from your son.
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>> gretchen: fox news alert an earthquake hitting new jersey. the magnitude quake hitting ringwood. no reports of damage. we'll go live to brooklyn, new york where david miller is standing by with the new threat to storm victims. >> that's right. gretchen. many are concerned about a nor'easter coming in and the storm would make recovery from sandy more difficult. let me tell you first about red hook, brooklyn. 7 mile midtown, manhattan but it might as well be a another planet. red hook is in the dark. this is pioneer street and if you live here you have to be a pioneer . other side of red hook. there are 30 buildings part of the public housing projects and all of them, almost out of
6:25 am
them. 30 out of 33 don't have electricity. not only are they in the dark, they don't have heat and don't have water because no electricity to run the pumps and it is making their lives difficult. throughout the region there are a million and half people in the tri-state area without electricity. let me tell you about staten island in particular. they are to a great extent in the dark. streets are littered with debris. everywhere you go you can see wrecked cars and boated lifted inland by the storm it will take days and not weeks for the power to be restored in staten ooh land and another crisis this morning, problem of shortage of gasoline. in new jersey, they are alternating days that motorist can get gas based on the odd-even license numbers and
6:26 am
that program is a success. we have live pictures to show you the gas line in new jersey this morning. the situation improved some what and new york governor cuomo reported there are tankers and barges on the way with gasoline. it is soon expected that that situation is going to improve. but brian, everyone here is bracing for another storm and that could slow down the recovery efforts from sandy and making life difficult for those suffering. >> brian: in many cases, it is impossible to slow down even more. more than 10s of thousands of people in the new york tricity early are waking up without power in a week. despite the president's photoopfor new jersey. the president is not doing enough for the families and could that hurt him in the election that is tomorrow.
6:27 am
peggy noonan joins us now. we saw the photoopand the republican governor praise the democratic president. but things have changed, haven't they? >> the whole story really is the cold katrina that is going on up there in parts of new york and part was new jersey as you just reported. i think this has gone way beyond a happy chappy political photoop event and has become something terbelieve for a lot of people. it is almost for a moment outside of the realm of politics as they suffer through. >> i was staggered to see a poll yesterday on the david gregory show said 65 percent of the country approved the
6:28 am
president's handlingly the storm. have a talked to the people it is impossible for me to see how someone gets high grades because they put on a jeans jacket and walk through the rubble. >> it was early on in the days of the storm, it looked like government was in control and the president was there walking around new jersey. but very quickly, this turned into a story whose headline in time government didn't work so well, didn't it? they didn't get in the water or blankets and they ran out of the gas and as for the electrical situation, it is not a katrina where it is warm outside. people are cold and they have lost their heat. i think actually, the full scale of the disaster will be clearest after the election. >> peggy, real quick. you feel something different
6:29 am
happening on the ground than in the polls, what do you mean by that? >> i am one of those feeling very strongly that while the political class of america is looking at the polls and looking at the storm coverage, mitt romney is very quietly stealing in and rising and cementing something that i think we'll see tomorrow night which is a romney victory. i think that is probably coming. you sort of feel it and watch his rallies . you had them all next - last night. something is going on out there. >> i agree. there is something that is not picked up and you are not on the romney bandwagon to begin with. you would not recognize masapeqee. brooklyn born massachusetts bred. >> we raised you, brooklyn had
6:30 am
you. >> thank you, brian. both candidates driving home their last message in ohio. and then the video you will talk about today. a car on a collision course with a plane coming in for a landy and happy birthday to brian adams, i met him once and he's older than me. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] you can always measure the growth of your children by the way they clean themselves in the bathroom. try charmin ultra strong. with a new duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong helps you get clean. plus it's four times stronger than the leading value brand. and you can use up to four times less. good news for even the biggest kids in the family.
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it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. ♪ >> gretchen: look at behind the scenes photo. governor mitt romney carry a sleeping grandson out of the campaign in the new hampshire airport. and over the weekend and obviously everyone is getting tired especially the little one. >> he's running for president and still somebody's grandpa. >> brian: where are my kids? i could be president of the united states. >> steve: that's right. my kids are surrogates and across the country . all eyes on the swing state of ohio. 24 hours before westart roting out there.
6:35 am
president obama and mitt romney running highly focused ground games . they know ohio could hold thecos to the presidency. michael has the latest from ohio. >> steve, to say all of the badgering done in person or over the air waves impacted early voting. here in columbus, the line stretched out of the door and in the parking lot and people waited in line for two hours to cast a ballot. some of the churches loaded up people on buss and drove them to early voting location. and spokesman said this is resulting in a big surge for president obama. and that is why they fought so hard to keep early voting open in the final weekend leading up to the election here in ohio. associated press reported republicans and democrats, democrats lead by six percent. we can show you video of the
6:36 am
absentee ballots and republican response to that. spokesman said they anticipated all along that democrats would lead with early voting, however, the lead is not significant as it was in the last election. they say viewer democrats showed up for early vote more republicans showed up. both sides are predicting a narrow margin of victory and lawyered up have observers here in the polling locations. and every vote counts and every vote will be scrutinized. >> steve: thank you for the live report. everybody has to vote. if you are, the polls say it is deadlocked, you got to vote. >> gretchen: preferably vote once. >> steve: unless you are in chicago you probably voted five times. >> gretchen: and if you are alive make sure to vote, too?
6:37 am
>> brian: you are in the storm's path you have no idea where to vote. as of right now no clue. i have a big question. how long that steve interview with the president of the united states. that walk around him for the day and 9/11 attacks of our embassies happened on 9/11 and they are bleeding out all of the outtakes. they are informative sound bites. why would you not use this in the original thing? steve crost of 60 minutes did this the day after 9/11 and then this aired on sunday night when 60 minutes airs, this is the same sunday, i think it is important. that susan wright, the un embassy came out on the five talk shows that said it was because of the video that the libya attack happened. look at what 60 minutes
6:38 am
released on line. there are long passages and questions about whether or not it was a terrorism attack look at this and then you judge why they left it out sunday night after susan wright said it was the video. >> steve: steve croft asked the president. you went out of the way to avoid the word terrorism in connection with the statue of liberty attack. >> brian: mitt romney said the same thing >> chris: can they said his was political. the president responded it was too early to tell how it came about. it was an attack on americans. the president is rehuctant to call it terrorism. he said what group was involved. if there was a group involved with rpg's and knew within two hours afterwards that an
6:39 am
affiliate of al-qaida claimed responsibility on social media and for the president to say we don't know which group? it is terrorist. >> gretchen: it is it why that was important story not included in the original thing that millions of americans saw. >> brian: it was the news. >> gretchen: it was the news of the day. it was four americans that died and on 9/11 . the second part of the question. why does cbs feel compeeled to release it. >> steve: if it was a smoking gun it would be next wednesday or next day after that. >> brian: face the nation is where ambassador susan wright and she was followed up by the president of libya who said it was a terrorist attack. the 60 minutes airing and also on cbs about to say something different. could a call up been made. listen i know what the
6:40 am
president said to you can you leave it out and air it later. it is so murky. can you leave that out and put it on your website. >> gretchen: we discussed this a couple of weeks ago looking at the time line and our reporters came out with more information on what happened in libya. we had this exact discussion about whether or not there was something funny about susan wright being on sunday morn 60 minutes on sunday night. let us know what you think about that. >> steve: it is curious they are releasing it now and didn't run it that day. stories and identities of two police officers killed. richard halford a 26 year veteran of the meas department. and the chopper was searching for a missing child when it hit a utility poll pole. the missing child later found
6:41 am
safe. >> brian: major milestone happening. united airlines first stream liner completing the fight from houston to chicago. united is the first airline in america to receive the 787. it is for fuel efficient and can have the annual. wife of ozzie osborn had a double masectomy. she carries a rick that develops breast cancer. >> steve: take a look at see that. caboom. the airplane clipped a car and coming in for a landing. the car was on the access road. in texas . the driver said he didn't see the plane cums. i said duck before the gear
6:42 am
hit. no moiror for the plane. how do you pick tup. the plane was badly damaged and some part fell in the car. no one was seriously hurt . the pilot was a student and said the experience was so dramatic he is considering giving up flying. keep me up to date on your decision. >> brian: 10s of thousands of people don't have power and another storm is heading to the east coast. what kind of weather do we expect for the election day. >> gretchen: do you remember how long it is to call the bush-gore election . he's wink what does he know. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown. ♪ [ birds chirping ] are you sure you can fit in there?
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>> 45s after the top of the hour. bad timing is an understatement as the east coast in sandy. many people are getting to the polls to vote . now there is a threat of another storm heading to the coast. we have the details for the election forecast. >> you are absolutely right. we are tracking in another storm that could bring in other out ages. that is for wednesday. tomorrow is quiet with temperatures in the 40s and sunshine. southeast, there is a coastal storm that is impacting the northeast and in place tuesday and we'll see heavy rain in florida and pars of georgia and the carolinas and heading westbound. no issues out west. it is a warm one. high temperatures in the 90s in phoenix and 85 in la.
6:47 am
>> and thank you. >> steve: remember the hanging chad and pregnant chad and it was a messy election down in florida. we have had messy elections before. judge napolitano said just wait, it is easier than ever for both party to challenge the results. >> one of the reasons it is ever. since bush versus gore in 2000 when yo humble colleague had to be a expert with chads with dimples. legal community developed expertise in election law. it look it is like a 51 plus the district of columbia. it is state election with 51 different sets of laws. there are lawyers who are experts for the democrats and republicans. and they have found ways to
6:48 am
challenge thingings. no matter how well it is going and smoothly. who ever is losing has an opportunity to make a challenge. >> republican poll workers wouldn't let people who are authorized to vote, vote. >> and republicans will say. democrats are voting twice . they have people who are voting that are not authorized to vote . the courts will not resolve that on tuesday night. >> if you are republican or democrat, the best thing to do show and intimidate people to play it straight. >> intimidate. >> no. just like i am watching. >> most states permit the three pole watchers in each idea polling place. >> this guy voted in massa and hempstead. those are just examples of course. and there will be an inquiry and checking of the records.
6:49 am
the only way there will not be litigation is if someone wins. but if it is close count on lawyers. >> brian: it is 4:00 tomorrow morning. we need poll watchers and not dancer. >> is on your mind. >> steve: this comment getting a lot of attention . don't boo, vote. voting is the best revenge. was the president's comment to exact revenge? >> brian: don would trump weighs in on a home town paper which is also the new york post. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil®
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>> gretchen: it may not be something you expect a u.s. president to say. don't boo, vote. voting is the best revenge >> brian: >> gretchen: with the president's revenge comment and mitt romney. we'll go to brian donna hew. and good morning to both of you. liz, why would the president use the word revenge. >> come on, he was making a yoke frankly. like when you meet an old boyfriend and you want to look good. he's just trying to get people excite exclude there was
6:54 am
nothing behind the comment. time to go vote and put your money where your mouth is. 24 hours is and let's get voted up and win this thing? >> gretchen: some people heard that word revenge and had a reaction. like maybe revenge because of mitt romney because he successful in the country. >> i don't necessarily think it was a joke unless you think it is a november surprise for mitt romney. i think he gave mitt romney the final push and frame in the election and it was his own words. i think the president had a major misstep here using the quord revenge. >> gretchen: we haven't heard him say it again. if it is so effective why use it. >> you guys are take out of context. >> gretchen: i am asking you what you think about it the word again. >> he has had an opportunity.
6:55 am
he's been on the trump and done speeches. >> he's just saying go voit america democrats, that's the way we keep the country. >> let's go vote is very different than revenge. >> he didn't say exact revenge. >> gretchen: prian? >> no, there is a undercurrent of obama's true intention. he has gone after anyone who is allied against his liberal big washington agenda and he came out with it and calling it revenge this weekend. this is the undercurrent of the race and obama came out with it, and i think we are going to take advantage of that. president or i should say gov mitt romney came out and frame it exactly it should be. this is the difference between his revenge and our love of country.
6:56 am
>> gretchen: liz, what the governor saiding. look you should vote for love of country and not revenge. >> listen, the president also said vote for love of country as well what we are talking about. time to get out and rote and if you disagree with republican platform and 47 percent comment it is time to go vote. it is time to go vote. nothing more in this than the democrats get excite exclude go vote. there is no hidden agenda and dragging us all down and it was attempt to say. >> gretchen: brian. >> yeah, a flailing campaign uses fear and uses small attacks and bring up something larger for them because they can't attach to the issues. that's what is wrong with obama. >> gretchen: we'll leaf it up to the viewer to decide.
6:57 am
we assembled a special swing states panel. to analyze the race coming up . week later and million people still in the dark. >> it is ladies that got nothing. we need - on >> is the press giving the president a pass? we'll explain. from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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go to marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is monday, november 5, 2012. ruin day before the big election. i'm gretchen carlson. 24 hours to go. president obama, mitt romney making their final pushes in the key swing states, from ohio to florida, we have live team coverage. >> brian: in florida there are problem bees at the poll, big time. >> steve: great. >> brian: what is being done about it? the length of the lines and what's happening inside. we're live at the polling sites. >> steve: that's the length of the gas can line in my town. nearly a week after hurricane sandy, a million people still
7:01 am
have no power. >> president obama, please listen to us down here! we are going to die! you don't understand. you've got it get your trucks here on this corner now! this is three days. >> steve: now we're almost a week and still no trucks. those people say they're being left behind. where is the media attention? are the media giving the president a pass on sandy? we'll talk about that and so much more. "fox & friends," hour two for an important monday starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. it's the day before the election, less than 24 hours to go now. can you believe it? >> brian: yeah, i can. it does seem like we have nine built to a crescendo. we're going to cover all angles
7:02 am
of this and how the final lap could be the most important in this election. could this be too close to call and both candidates swing votes in swing states at this hour than yesterday or the day before? >> steve: polls show it's deadlocked which shows you have to vote for the person you want to be president. it comes down that. you've got to vote. >> gretchen: every hour and every rally could make the difference for president obama or mitt romney. we have phil keating in the swing state of florida. lucky guy. first let's go to wendell goler in columbus, ohio, where the president will be stopping today. check out the guy who has on the winter coat. hi, wendell. >> hello. the president is in wisconsin this morning. he'll wind up the day in iowa, which is where his campaign really began in 2008. but it's here in ohio where voters will determine if he gets four more years in the oval office. he'll be here in the afternoon. this is the crucial state for republicans. the columbus dispatch gives mr. obama just a two-point lead
7:03 am
in its latest poll. that's the narrowest margin of the election, but democrats point out it is still in the president's favor. yesterday for conservative cincinnati l obama held his third ohio rally in as many days. the southwestern part of the state is john boehner country. the columbus dispatch gives mitt romney a 23-point edge in that part of the state. the president lost southwestern ohio by only 11 points in 2008. with stevie wonder warming the crowd yesterday, mr. obama promised to work with republicans in a second term, though there hadn't been much bipartisanship in the first. >> i will work with anybody of any party to move this country forward and if you want to break the gridlock in congress, you'll vote for leaders whether they're democrats, republicans, independent, who feel the same way. who put you first, who don't put politickers the next election first. >> more than half the commercials on local tv this
7:04 am
morning were political ads. mr. obama blasting mr. romney over bain capital in his opposition to the auto bailout. mr. romney attacking mr. obama over the economy. those ads stop in the next 24 hours and i can guarantee you people here will be grateful. gretchen, brian, steve. >> steve: no kidding. wendell goal of live, one more day of ads and -- political ads and then we're back to the brooklyn lantern. >> brian: it's 12-state, eight-state country. people complain about ads, i'm saying what, do they see? besides the ones we see that they're running, we never see any ads in new york, new jersey. >> steve: it's all very targeted. in florida, they got a ton of ads there. already problems at the polls. a judge there has ordered one early voting location to stay open four more hours yesterday and at other location, voters waited up to six hours to cast their ballots, extraordinary. mitt romney is set to speak in florida later this morning. phil keating is going to be
7:05 am
speaking to us live from tampa right now. philip? >> good morning. the critical i-4 corridor from tampa to orlando to daytona beach, rich with undecided and swingable voters will be living la vida loca because the first lady will be here for a rally introduced by rickey martin. at 9:00 a.m., it will be mitt romney who is overnighting or overflighted in the sanford area north of orlando. he'll be making a stop out at 9:00 a.m. at the sanford airport. a quick rally. yesterday he was in pennsylvania, long believed to be a solid lock for president obama, but governor romney's campaign now trying to make an effort there to try to sneak pennsylvania in to the republican column at the end of tomorrow night. here is a little bit of the governor yesterday.
7:06 am
>> so many of you look at the big debates that we have in this country, not as a republican or democrat, but first as an american. you watch what's happened to this country over the last four years with an independent voice, you hope that president obama would live up to his promise to bring people together. solve big problems. he hadn't. i will. [ cheers and applause ] >> early voting in florida ended officially 7:00 p.m. saturday night. but because the lines were so long, some people actually didn't finish voting until well after midnight. then when word spread yesterday that in miami-dade county, broward and palm beach county, some of the election offices would be open for people to come in in person, request and fill out an absentee ballot and essentially vote early that way via absentee. they let so many people show up in western miami, that they tint have enough people and shut it down. the mayor said he didn't
7:07 am
authorize it, but in the end, everybody who showed up yesterday did get their absentee ballot filled out and submitted. early voting is no longer. 4.4 million floridians in this period have already voted in this state. back to you. >> steve: thank you. >> gretchen: time to bring in donald trump who joins us weekly on mondays. very important week ahead here with the election tomorrow. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: the new york daily news surprisingly endorses mitt romney. of course, the post did. but the daily news? what do you make of it? >> it's a big thing and it's a little surprising, but not really when you look at what's happening with obama and how badly he's doing as president. you're getting endorsements that a lot of people typically republicans wouldn't get. so i think that's really a sign of maybe what's to come tomorrow. >> brian: what about this? the fact that 12 newspapers switch to do romney from president obama?
7:08 am
>> gretchen: 29 major newspapers have endorsed romney that endorsed obama. >> steve: i think he's talk being papers in swing states. >> brian: that's what i should have said. >> there is a real thing happening out there. there are a lot of people that are going for mitt romney that you would have thought would be for the president. i think it's going to be a sign of the times. i think you could have a very, very successful election tomorrow for mitt romney. it's going to be very interesting. >> brian: what do you think about the way he's handling the storm? >> it started out where he was doing all the sound bites all overt place and it looked like it was good. i was concerned about it because i said, that's no way to elect a president. we need a president -- we need change. it used to be he talked change. well, this country really needs change. proper change. i saw the storm and he was out there all over the place, standing in the rain. now all of a sudden, we're having riots all over the place. you look at what's going on in new york and new jersey and lots of other places. they are really lots of people are very, very unhappy.
7:09 am
it's not -- i think it's turns out to be a big liability for the president as opposed to what could have been an asset. >> steve: i think you're exactly right. the main stream media not running a lot of the pictures of the misery. we had on our program 45 minutes on pelley nunan who said this is a cold katrina. they don't have gas. it's combed. and you talked about people angry. listen to this, this was caught by a camera for new york 1. people are p.o.ed. >> there are old ladies -- >> we've got to get (bleep) out! bring us generators! bring us something to get heat! we're going to die! we're going to freeze! we got 90-year-old people! we have no cars! don't you see?
7:10 am
we need -- please, president obama, please listen to us down here! we are gonna die! you don't understand! you got to get your trucks here on this corner now! this is three days! >> steve: three days. >> i could hear you. you have to really put this in light because you hear so much about global warming. tonight is very, very cold. today is very, very cold. and we're really going through an unbelievable cold spell right now, which is going to be horrible for those people. they have to get taken care of and taken care of fast. >> steve: tonight it's going to be under freezing in the new york city area. fema saw this storm coming for a couple of days. what did they do? they screwed up the gas fly. we don't have gas. we've got odd-even in new jersey where i live. then you would think that fema would have water for people. fema ran out of water last week and extraordinarily, just a couple of days ago, on friday
7:11 am
they finally put out the bids for the water. the water may be delivered today, but it's not going to get to people for another day or two. >> the gas lines are miles long in some case. i don't even understand it. if somebody is looking for gas, how can you have the car on? people are waiting for four or five hours to get gas and the whole thing is horrible. i think it's been very badly mishandled and i think ultimately, that could very, very much hurt the president. >> gretchen: let me ask you this, because there was a lot of political talk about governor chris christie in new jersey and his adoration for the president and how much he said he helped initially in this storm. then, they had the photo op together. many people thought that was maybe a negative against mitt romney because, of course, chris christie is one of the first governors, i think the very first governor to endorse mitt romney. what did you make of it? >> chris is trying to do a great job and he is. he's out there working very hard trying to do a great job for his state, trying to take care of people who are devastated and he wants to get maximum from the government. he needs a lot of federal government help.
7:12 am
i guess that was his way of doing it. in the meantime, today he said, and i watched very carefully, strongly for romney, and he's voting for romney. et cetera. but you know, he needs help from the federal government and i guess he was very efusesive. no question. >> brian: do you think he was over the top? >> he wants to do -- he has to do what he has to do. he has to get huge amounts of money, huge amounts of help. so he did what he did. he's a very good friend of mine and he's a great guy and he's a terrific governor. he wants to get lots of aid. i guess that was his way of saying help me. >> brian: give me your prediction. >> i think the country is in serious trouble. i think we absolutely must have a change. if you look at china, opec, what the world is doing to us, how they laugh at us, and i think we would be a bunch of fools if we reelect president obama. i think that mitt romney will win. >> steve: all right. you heard it here first. have a great week. we'll talk to you next monday. >> okay. thank you very much.
7:13 am
>> brian: best thing about going through this crisis if you're donald trump is that you live in your own building where you work. so you don't need gas to get there. >> steve: i got a feeling he's got a generator. >> gretchen: a big show of support for mitt romney after endorsing president obama in 2008, the wisconsin state journal is backing mitt romney. the paper saying, quote, the election is about job, slow economy. the paper adds romney has a strong record of success. they have endorsed the winner of every election since 1980 except in 1996. extreme weather alert. earthquake hitting new jersey overnight. seriously? the 2.0 quake rattling wingwood, a community already rocked by hurricane sandy. at this hour, no reports of any damage. the nor'easter is now coming. >> steve: that happened eight miles from my house with no electricity. another day, another story about what happened in libya. senator john mccain is pushing for real answers. will he get them? he joins us live. >> brian: political panel from
7:14 am
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>> steve: with only 24 hours left until election day, president obama and mitt romney are making their final campaign stops in some of the most contested battleground states. some of those states like virginia, colorado and ohio were big victories for obama back in 2008. so what happened over the last four years to put them up for grabs within the margin of error for mitt romney? joining us, fox news contributor joe trippi, colorado state treasurer, walker stapleton, and former ohio secretary of state ken blackwell. he's screen right. he joins us from ohio. good morning. joe, let's start with you. you're going to and the commonwealth of virginia.
7:18 am
why is it that the president of the united states won virginia four years ago and yet, it is tight as a tick right now? >> look, there are three states in 2008, indiana, north carolina, and virginia that no democrat had won in like decades. virginia had not voted for a democrat since 1964 when it voted for johnson. it was amazing for obama to win those three states. what's happened in the meantime now is that the northern virginia, large democratic base in virginia, has grown demographickiccally. the fact it's still up for grabs, that obama has a chance to win if for the second time, which would be the first time in history that that's happened, that a democrat two times in a row. >> steve: what about in colorado? barak obama won colorado by nine points and now once again, they're deadlocked. >> steve, what we're seeing here
7:19 am
in colorado, as of yesterday afternoon, we're seeing the republicans have an approximately 40,000 vote advantage. they're turning out in numbers that are by and large are 3% greater than the democrats are. we've had polls in the state of colorado that show that independents are breaking towards governor romney anywhere from three to six points. in that holds, it's a very different election model than we saw four years ago in the state and it's one that's going to be a very good night for governor romney. in some parts of our state, in the southern parts of our state, in the western parts of our state, in the rural areas of our state which encompass 20% of the state, we have unemployment numbers that are more than twice the national average that are in the high teens. so i think the intensity of voting among the electorate is pretty significant. >> steve: all right. ken, stand by. we want to hear from ohio and the conversation not over with our panel. more from the swing state experts after the break. then are you a total perfectionist and it drives people around you nuts? now there is finally somebody you can blame. we'll tell you who.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
>> gretchen: quick headlines. horrific accident at the pittsburgh zoo. two-year-old boy dies after falling into an enclosure with wild dogs. his mother was holding him on a railing when he fell 11 feet into the exhibit. he was attacked. the zoo is closed indefinitely. mobster whitey bulger, he's in the hospital. he was rushed to boss continue medical center after having chest pains in prison. he's 83 and awaiting trial for his alleged role in 18 murders. >> steve: we're back with our
7:24 am
political panel. we've got joe trippi, fox news contributor, walker stapleton, colorado state treasurer and ken blackwell, former ohio state secretary of state. ken, let's get to you. why is it that barak obama won ohio four years ago by i think four points, and yet right now they're essentially tied? >> romney has made a strong push for white women, married church going, over the age of 30, over the age of 35. that has resulted in him closing the gap dramatically over the last 30 days. and then he's been able to attract so-called reagan democrats that obama was able to keep home against mccain, truckers, dairy farmers, long shoremen, and coal miners. that group of working class catholics and evangelicals are moving in his direction. >> steve: joe, mitt romney
7:25 am
wanted the election to be about the economy. that is the number one issue. so he's getting that. that's what he's been running on. the president has been running on a lot of distraction and negativity as well because he is the challenger what, will it take for mitt romney to win virginia tomorrow? >> it's going to be an -- in all three states, it will be getting out his vote. at this point, none of the stuff matters. it's about which campaign organization and which turnout model goes into effect. look, i believe that if the turnout model, the obama people are looking at turns out tomorrow, he'll win all three of these states. if he's wrong and the romney people are correct about the turnout model that's going to happen, then romney is going to win all three of them. somebody is really wrong about who is coming to the polls in all three of these states. >> steve: sure. in colorado there are independents and romney holds an edge with them. if she they show up in large numbers, the conventional wisdom is mitt romney wins colorado, right?
7:26 am
>> absolutely. i think we're seeing in early voting, more than 1 minute coloradoans voted. we have a significant advantage. we think we're going to win independents and we think we'll have a very good night night tomorrow. this election is about the economy and the economy, the economic security of one's family, the fiscal future of this country, those are women's issues. we've seen a barrage of issues of ads endwisesive social issues. that's not what this election is about. it's about economy. economic issues are women's issues. >> steve: ken, i know we've been talking about the impact of hurricane sandy here in the tri-state area, but keough go county in -- kyoga county in ohio had a gigantic power outage. that could impact the election in a positive way for mitt romney. >> i think that cayahoga county will be fine with their back up systems. in the end what will win it for mitt romney is a superior election day, get out the vote.
7:27 am
it will be very much like 2004. at this time, everybody was saying george bush lost the presidency. superior election day operation had him carry the state by three points. >> steve: yeah. my point was that the storm has kind of messed things up not only here in the east coast, but ohio as well. all right. joe, walker and ken i that very much for being our expert for the various states. thanks. >> thank you. >> steve: straight ahead on this monday, one of the biggest voting blocs in america, parents. so what do they want for their children? >> i want my son to have a future because i don't want him to be burdened by this enormous dent. i want him to be able to go to college ask live the american dream. >> steve: frank luntz with a group of moms and dads straight ahead. and cbs release ago key part of the president's first interview on benghazi from "60 minutes." senator john mccain, who says this is the worst cover-up or case of imcompetence he's ever seen in his life joins brian next. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop?
7:28 am
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7:31 am
>> gretchen: half past the hour. let's take a look at your shot of the morning. new york city marathon canceled in the wake of monster storm sandy. hundreds of runners still hit the street yesterday. they delivered supplies to hardest hit areas. that was certainly a nice gesture in light of the fact that i'm sure they were disappointed, but probably the right thing to do. >> steve: indeed. >> brian: remember the day after the benghazi attack, the president sat down with "60 minutes"? now cbs releasing a key part of
7:32 am
the interview that never aired weeks ago. what did the president really know within 24 hours? senator john mccain is pushing for a special investigation on benghazi and joins us now. as soon as i heard steve croft said i just found something we left out of the major piece from six weeks ago, let's get your reaction. you went out of your way to avoid the terrorism in connection with the libya attack. do you believe this was a terrorism attack? he says this: well, it's too early to tell them exactly how this came about. what group was involved, but obviously it was an attack on americans. he goes on to say, this seems to be different than cairo attacks. yet the ambassador to the u.n. going out that morning and told everybody it was the tape. what does all this mean to you? >> it means that obviously cbs is not carrying out their responsibilities of informing the american people, but this is not the first action of this nature by a major network, but it is what it is. it's in their dna.
7:33 am
what i've been finding out is i've been traveling around the country nonstop for the last two months, has been that americans are fed up. our veterans are angry in a way that i have never seen them angry. i'm seeing active duty people who come over and tell me, i've lost trust. i've lost trust in this commander in chief. i'm telling you, i don't know how much it affects the election and i don't know -- i know there is 1.6 million veterans in florida. they are angry. they have lost their trust in this commander in chief. and they want a full and complete investigation. the only way you're going to get a full and complete investigation is a watergate-type select committee that's bipartisan and is in congress. you're not going to get a straight story out of this administration. >> brian: i understand there is more frustration, the way we left iraq and leaving afghanistan and the upcoming sequester, all playing into it beyond benghazi. now you have 500 generals and
7:34 am
admirals coming out unaffiliated saying, we retired. we are going for governor mitt romney. what does that mean? i can see them going for you with your military background. but for governor romney, this is significant. >> i think it's very significant and i think the rank and file, our veterans are usually not passive, but they're not the most active politically involved. they've served their time and their country. i've never seen them this motivated. i've never seen them this animated. they stop me in the street, take care of benghazi, senator! we're expecting that from you! i mean, it is -- you mention the name benghazi in front of most anybody, but particularly our veterans and they are fired up. i think it's probably going to have an effect on this election. >> brian: they'll find out if not political when you and others continue to fight regardless of who wins. evangelical vote, talking about the ground game. what does it mean? they've kind of been silent where they were playing such a role in the '80s and '90s.
7:35 am
what could it mean for romney as he looks to capitalize on their presence in ohio? >> well, there is a lot of evangelicals in ohio. i'm not a great expert on it, but i do know that they are motivated. i was interested in seeing billy graham's full page advertisement that he ran about the obligation that people have to vote. i'm sure you may have seen that in some of the newspapers. i've seen this president running against me, hope and change, everything is going to be -- we're going to do things differently. we're going to bring people together. if i don't cut the deficit in half, i don't deserve a second term. compare the barak obama of 2008 and the barak obama who just said people ought to vote for revenge. my friends, that's not the same person. >> brian: senator, some people look at these polls and they're all closing out now. it seems like the president has bumped up a little bit towards the end. why is and what do you read into
7:36 am
that? >> i think it's probably the hurricane. i don't know how much it lasts and i don't know how significant it is. usually in elections in the past, the undecideds have broken for the challenger. a lot of it is they get out to vote operation on the ground. you've got to give the obama campaign some credit for that, while mitt was fighting his way through the primaries, they were establishing that. but look, i can't predict and none of us can what's going to happen by tomorrow night. what i do sense momentum and enthusiasm and i've been traveling all over the country, from montana, north dakota, to florida, to virginia, to new hampshire last night, and i'm telling you, there is a level of enthusiasm out there that i think is likely that we win. >> brian: senator, the day before the election day in 2008, did you know you were going to lose? >> no, but i knew we were down in the polls. i knew that we had a significant
7:37 am
gap. we didn't stop. we didn't slack off. i fought all my life and i continue to fight today and i will be stopping in new mexico where we've got a very close senate race out there in new mexico with our great heather wilson. then i'm going to go with jeff flake tonight up to press scott, arizona. we'll do our last reallily. but i love it and i love america and i think they're going to make the right choice. >> brian: give me a prediction real quick. >> 51-49. >> brian: in overall popularity for romney? >> 52 or 53, i think. >> brian: wow. that will be a total reversal from four years ago. senator, thanks for starting your day with us. i know you're going to have a very long day and exciting tuesday. thanks so much. >> you guys are doing a great job. >> brian: thanks so much. i'll pass that on to steve and gretchen if i steve them. >> steve: it's okay. we're listening. thanks, senator. >> gretchen: thank you very much. now your other headlines for
7:38 am
monday. more than 30 major u.s. newspapers endorsing mitt romney after backing president obama four years ago. we've been telling you about the new york daily news endorsement. also on the list, the des moines register, fort worth star-telegram, fort lawsuiter dale son, "houston chronicle," illinois daily herd, long island news day. los angeles daily news, los angeles press telegram. nashville tennessean, and the orlando sentinel. >> steve: brant new video out of new jersey, desperate drivers lining up this morning for gasoline hoping to fill up on the way to work. only people with license plates that end in an odd number, because today is an odd number on the calendar, can get gas today. today being the 5th of november. governor christie impolicemenned odd-even rationing in 12 counties in new jersey, the lines are gigantic. >> brian: long island, i would say the same thing.
7:39 am
then a plane clips a car as it comes in for a landing. the car was on the access road. the driver did not see the plane coming. who would? >> i turned to say duck and i didn't even get that out before the gear hit the driver's side door. >> brian: the plane was badly damaged. some parts of it fell into the car. the plane managed to land safely. no one was hurt. the pilot was a student and says it was so traumatic, he might give up flying. at least rotate to the next instructor. >> gretchen: i'm not sure why i'm reading this story, but are you a perfectionist and it drives you nuts? now you have someone to blame. your parents! researchers at michigan state university found perfectionists are born, not made. they compared identical and nonidentical twin girls and found generalityic link to this type of behavior and found perfectionism has a strong link to anxiety.
7:40 am
where is dr. keith ablow when you need him? >> steve: blame your parents. >> gretchen: no, no. >> brian: no one has ever accused me of bag perfectionist. >> steve: we've got maria molina joining us now because we want to have a perfect idea of what's going to happen with the election tomorrow and we know there is a nor'easter coming, but president-elect obama not by tomorrow. right? >> yeah. that's right. before election day, things look close to perfect across the lower 48. relatively quiet conditions, at least with the weather from west coast to east coast. and temperatures are actually going to be average across parts of the southwest. temperatures in the mid 80s from portions of l.a but across the southeast, there is going to be some trouble, including across in a fellow, with an area of low pressure that will be producing some showers and thunderstorms and that will be the storm to watch as we head into wednesday and also thursday because that system could strengthen off the coast of the carolinas as we head into tomorrow and actually start to produce very strong winds across portions of the northeast. areas that were hit hard by
7:41 am
sandy, also look at the possibility for some minor coastal flooding and also very heavy rain and even some heavy snow across interior portions of the northeast. guys? >> steve: we don't like that heavy snow idea. thank you. >> gretchen: one of the biggest voting blocks in america, parents. so what do they want come tomorrow? >> i want my son to have a future because i don't want him to be burdened by this enormous debt. i want him to be able to go to college and live the american dream. >> steve: so you're going to meet the parents coming up next. >> brian: the black panthers showing up at the polls in 2008. how a group of navy seals will make sure that does not happen again. first? >> steve: the aflac question of the day, born on this day in 1955, this mother is the manager of a famous reality family. who is she? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer. you'll be the winner. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news
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7:45 am
>> gretchen: patients are voting based on what's best for the kids, saying they're frightened from what the past four years were like, at least some parents are saying that. >> brian: is this election really just about jobs and the economy or about the impact it has on our children's future? here with us now is frank luntz. how do i know? because he was here before the segment started. frank, it more than the economy in your mind when you talk to people? >> it is. i didn't plan to do this segment. i was looking at different elements of the american electorate. i saw so many people at these rallies who came with their kids, three, four, five years old who would never remember that they went. but the parents wanted them there. it was symbolic for them and held them on their shoulders and they talked to me about the fear that they had for their kids' future, that the kids would not grow up in the america that they grew up in. >> brian: whose fault is that?
7:46 am
>> they blame barak obama, but also blame washington. they weren't too keen about congress. we got a few great, great comments from them. men and women, mothers and fathers talking about the future for their kids. let's take a look. >> economic positive outcome, better job opportunities, at least for me and my husband and i guess on down the road for him and ten-year-old. >> with this obama white house, you will see every day kind of right thing infringed upon. >> i want my son to have a future because i don't want him to be burdened by this enormous debt. i want him to be able to go to college and live the american dream. >> i want us to get bakestone track, to cut debt, to get people back to work. my parents were small business owners for almost all of their life and romney really is looking to support the small business owner. president obama's plans, obamacare, put an enormous burden on employers. i see it myself. i work in human resources.
7:47 am
i see what it will do for people, even administratively. it's a killer t. really is. >> this is about history. these guys are going to look back and say, this is a moment in time that they're going to be able to say to their kids, when we came back, this is where it started. >> whether you're conservative or republican or liberal and a democrat, you need to go out and vote. people died for that right. we need to go out there and be a representative democracy come tuesday. >> steve: that's telling. >> that gentleman was holding back tears. i'm not surprised when mothers get emotional. but when fathers get emotional for their kids, that's what blows me away. if we have time, there is an ad that we dial tested about a week ago. it's one of the best ads of the campaign and it does focus on this intergenerational concern. the higher the lines climb, the more favorable the reaction. >> if i could sit down with you in your living room or around the kitchen table, here is what i'd say.
7:48 am
>> mr. president, here is what i want to know: where are the jobs you promised, the trillions you spent? where did it all go? what's there to show for all that new debt? and if we're in a recovery, why are we making less? my family can't afford another four years like this. >> steve: interesting. you were pointing out how she starts, she's watching the television, and she's watching the president, and then she turns and talks to the president and talks to us. >> because it feels like reality, because we've been watching so many of these ads. there were more ads in ohio, wisconsin, iowa, than any political campaign ever. you are now see where eight of the eight ads are political ads and the public had enough. >> gretchen: why is that so critical and successful? >> because she's look at the tv as we all do, and then she's commenting about it and she references her family. for women in particular, it's not about their own day-to-day life. it's about their kids and the next generation. you guys here, you judge your
7:49 am
success, even if you love your family, you judge your success by your profession. you, even though you love your profession, will judge your success by the health and happiness of your children. we just react differently that way. that's why that ad was so powerful. >> steve: you've been doing great work and you're not done. >> we got one more day and we've got the best is yet to come. former obama voters and why they've switched. >> gretchen: we'll look forward to that. see you tomorrow. coming up, remember these guys from the last general election? the new black panthers intimidating voters outside of the polls. our next guest doing something to make sure they don't show up again. >> brian: this day in history today, 1983, the number one song was "islands in the stream." do we have it? i believe we do. kenny rogers and dolly parton sang it together. and they still like each other. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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7:53 am
>> gretchen: the answer to the aflac question of the day is kris jenner and the winner is from wyoming. congratulations. you remember in 2008, two members of the new black panther party allegedly intimidated voters at the polls. well, this year navy seals plan to show up to fight back. our next guest recruited the seals and other veterans to help police at the polls tomorrow. he says to make sure that every vote counts and no one is intimidated. the man behind get out the vet, he's a retired navy captain and the author of the book "the dead always vote democrat." interesting title. good to see you, sir. >> hi, gretchen. how are you? >> gretchen: i'm doing fine of the i like your slogan, get out the vet. how are you mobilizing all these veterans to help?
7:54 am
>> well, we've gotten together a group of former and retired special forces and seals that are going to be observing and make sure that everybody understands they're not engaging any intimidator, but they're observing polls in philadelphia and other cities and they will then post anything to youtube and make reports to police and election officials and, of course, the press. >> gretchen: so how are you going about mobilizing? let's say somebody is watching, they're vet and they want to be involved, what should they do? >> for vets, it's probably too late. we're doing our final planning today. but they can go to the web site if they'd like to do something, we'll direct them to someone doing poll watching. so of course, there is two kind of things. there is poll watching inside the polls, connected to a party or candidate. and we need more poll watchers 'cause that used to be done by
7:55 am
people now getting too old to do it. we don't have enough people to staff the polls. in terms of the special operations organizations that are working with you, that's all set. that's being blamed. it should be ready to go by tomorrow morning. >> gretchen: so voter registration inaccuracy, i want to list a couple of them. 1.8 million dead people on the voter rolls apparently. 2.8 million people registered in more than one state. 12 million registrations contain flawed addresses. so what can these people who you're mobilizing do to fix that? what's the intent? >> well, organizations have been going through those rolls quite a bit over the past six months and are watching. there is a lot of poll watches that have nothing to do with us out tomorrow, especially in states like wisconsin and ohio and others. but what poll watchers do is they're just there to observe and people tend to be more honest when they're watched. so that's why they're there.
7:56 am
it's long day of drudgery, but it's very useful. >> gretchen: i'm just chuckling 'cause i like your comment, when people are there watching, yeah, usually people better behave. benjamin brink, thanks so much for being our guest today. >> thank you, gretchen. >> gretchen: this comment getting a lot of attention. >> don't boo. vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. >> gretchen: what exactly did the president mean? dana perino has an idea and she's coming up next. then senator mark kirtz proving a major stroke is no match for the power of the mind. his inspirational story, these are great pictures, folks, top of the hour i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is monday, november 5, 2012. thank you so much for sharing this very important news day with us. i'm gretchen carlson. 24 hours left and the candidates are making their final pushes. but could it all come down to one state? ohio. people, are they really still undecided? we're live on the ground from ohio to florida. >> steve: and is this the kind of leadership we need? >> don't boo. vote. vote. voting's the best revenge. >> steve: best revenge for what? we're going to talk to dana perino. she's going to talk to us in moments. >> brian: in person? >> steve: yes. >> brian: chris christie under fire for complimenting the president. he wants to make one thing clear. >> i endorsed mitt romney 13 months ago because i thought he was the best guy for the job and on tuesday i'm voting for him because i think he's the best guy for the job. >> brian: "fox & friends" will talk about that and so much more
8:01 am
when we get started after this pricey animation. >> it's almost the day. >> brian: it's the day before the day. >> gretchen: it's the eve. >> steve: election eve. you never really said election. >> brian: you know what? i felt as though there was 50-50. 50% of the rasmussen polls showed they don't want to hear it. so i thought -- >> steve: i was looking at the triple people. they were overwhelmingly in favor. >> brian: they're always skewed. >> gretchen: this may come as good news or bad news, if you really loved your political junky and you want this to keep going on. but the election is tomorrow and we have phil keating in the about the battle ground state of florida. first, let's go to john roberts in columbus, ohio, the state that may decide it all. good morning to you, john. >> yeah. it comes down to ohio just about every four years. that's true again this year.
8:02 am
the last day of early voting just getting underway in ohio. 1.6 million people cast ballots. democrats currently have about a six-point advantage in early voting here. but the romney campaign says the president is underperforming compared to 2008. the state florida, a lot of early votes have come in. the democrats have a narrow advantage. but we should point out it is about half of what it was in 2008. no question, though. if goff romney hopes to pull this out, he has to have a big turn out tomorrow. a big event outside of philadelphia. 25,000 people at shady brook farms. governor romney making the case that he is the one to bring about the change in this country that the economy needs and that the president just hasn't been able to get it done. here is the governor. >> i'm going to create new jobs. did obama's war on coal and oil and gas create new jobs? >> no! >> did his dodd frank regulations help banks make more
8:03 am
loans to people that needed them? >> no! >> does raising taxes put people to work? >> no! >> did that avalanche of new regulations help small business? >> no! >> you got it right. almost every measure he took hurt the economy! and hurt our fellow americans. >> the governor hoping pennsylvania is in play there. the numbers have gotten a lot closer within the margin of error. probably a long shot for him, though. what he really needs is to rack up wins in florida, virginia and ohio. president obama yesterday on the stump trying to do everything he could to prevent that from happening. in colorado where republicans do lead in the early voting, he mocked governor romney's claim that he is the one who could bring about change in this country. here is the president. >> governor romney is a pretty talented salesman. and in this campaign, he has tried as hard as he can to repackage the same old bad ideas that didn't work and offer them
8:04 am
up as new ideas. he says they're change. here is the thing, we know what change looks like and what he's selling ain't it. >> even on the road with governor romney ever since the republican convention in tampa talking to a lot of people at these rallies. they are very energized and very enthusiastic, they care about jobs and the economy. they care about the attack in benghazi. they say they're going to get out to the polls, but the big question is, will they get out in the numbers that romney needs tomorrow election day because he does have some ground to make up. >> gretchen: john roberts live for us in the very important state of ohio. i'm sure we'll see you again tomorrow morning. >> all about ohio. >> gretchen: thanks. >> brian: you know who i forgot about? phil keating. >> gretchen: i didn't. he's in another important state. >> brian: is he available for us? >> steve: he's in tampa where there is trouble in tampa and elsewhere. >> i'm available.
8:05 am
>> brian: phil keating is available. >> steve: tell us, phil. >> thanks for in a judge's order yesterday, there were four extra hours of early voting in a part of florida due to a suspicious package the day before and four hours lost in early voting. 332 extra people voted early. so the total now for early voting for florida, 4.4 million people. yesterday, though, in miami-dade county, broward and palm beach, as well as today, you can still go in to select election offices and request an absentee ballot, fill out your vote right there in person, whether that is the same thing as early voting or not, the two parties can argue over that. but there was some chaos and confusion when some of the doors closed. people were there were showing up as word spread, but they
8:06 am
didn't have enough people inside the elections office to handle the crowds. they also didn't have enough print force print off all the absentee ballots. that led people outside, well, to voice their displeasure. >> i've been waiting here since 12:30 to pick up an absentee ballot and now they're telling us to go home. that's ridiculous. >> all these people here waiting, that's unfair. >> there were massively long lines and long waits to early vote in miami-dade, broward and palm beach counties all weekend, saturday and friday. in fact, here is the time lapse in hillsborough county showing that lengthy line. some people actually stood in line and it took them six hours until they were done voting. in palm beach county, even though early voting saturday night ended at 7:00 o'clock, the last person to vote actually went home after 2:00 o'clock in the morning. a lot of dedication and if that kind of situation happens
8:07 am
tomorrow throughout the state of florida, the rule is all polls close at 7:00 o'clock, but if you're in line by 6:59, you will be guaranteed your opportunity to make your way forward and then vote. so there could still likely be people in florida voting well after 7:00 o'clock tomorrow night. a lot of enthusiasm clearly on both sides at what is often considered a toss-up race. 29 electoral college votes, in florida. >> steve: long line, long night. thank you very much for the live report. dana perino joins us right now. always good to see you on monday. >> great to be here. >> steve: we got two sound bites and it's kind of a trick. we want to see which of these two men seems and sounds more presidential. >> okay. >> steve: listen. >> at the time the republican congress and senate candidate mitt knit -- (booing) >> don't boo.
8:08 am
vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. >> yesterday president obama asked his supporters to vote for revenge. (booing) for revenge. instead, i ask the american people to vote for love of country. [ cheering ] >> steve: so who seemed more presidential? >> which one gives you goose bumps? when ed henry, election ed we've named him, he tweeted about president obama's speech the other day, when he made the revenge comment. the first thing i thought was, revenge? for what? imagine if the republican candidate had said vote for revenge against president obama. that would have been the front page headline news everywhere. the great news for mitt romney is he needed some sort of opening. he took that right away and use that had to his advantage. >> brian: do you read anything into the size of the crowds because you were there the last few days with bush and you recognized mccain -- >> we didn't campaign a lot, with president bush, he wasn't
8:09 am
out on the trail. but i do remember reading a lot of the coverage and the press falling over themselves about the huge crowds that president obama could get. and they were very impresssive at the time. on friday night, this past friday after i got home from "the five," watching the news and all of a sudden on twitter, wow, there is more people. there is more people of the 30,000 people show up to a rally in ohio on a friday night. i think that even surprised the romney camp. >> steve: there were 30,000 last night in bucks county, pen opinion. another 30. >> gretchen: where do you stand? do you agree with the others that it's too close to call at this point? >> well, i called it for romney, but i have for the last year or so. not because i'm a numbers person. i don't get down in the weeds and look at all that stuff. mine is more based on gut, overall and also i have a very dear political junky friend who is not on television, but somebody -- somebody that i check in with all the time. she understands america better than anyone and about four weeks ago, she went from thinking it was an obama win, she's solidly
8:10 am
believing that romney will win. >> brian: is it madonna? >> it is not madonna. >> brian: sandy and the effect on the election, we saw the president walk around looking concerned with governor christie. in your mind, you live here, you've seen what's happening. i have long island, you have manhattan. steve's got new jersey. gretchen just got her lights on in connecticut. do you believe the president is showing leadership there? are you staggered by 65% approval of his handling of it as of three days ago? >> when you have very good competent state and local government that even though they can't do everything at once and get everyone's power back on at once, generally then you're going to have a better situation. this is the thing, there is very little that presidents can do directly. they can do the check signing, which is the important thing to do to get the money flowing and make sure the coordination is happening and they can check in and say, is there a road block? let us know. >> gretchen: it's the optics of that foe owe op. he doesn't have to do anything. any president doesn't have to do
8:11 am
anything, but stand there. >> i think you can fit in the palm of my hand the number of people who were undecided who decided that they would vote for president obama because of the hurricane response. >> brian: i think it's been horrendous in terms of what he can do, what he can't do. the results aren't there and everyday things like food, water and goes. so why does he get a pass and president bush got destroyed about what happened in katrina? >> i'll probably die not knowing the answer to that question. but i also think it's important not to dwell on it. katrina was a different circumstance and especially here. when you have an area that has more resources, slightly better economy, you are able to bounce back faster than places that are not that way. >> gretchen: what about governor christie? he came out and many people were upset with him only the republican side that he seemed to be so favorable to the president's response and they wondered if he was still actually even backing mitt romney? >> one of the things that we all love about chris christie is that he's overexuberant about everything. in his criticism of president obama, we could watch that and
8:12 am
go, ooo, that was good one. but when he praises somebody, he's also overhuman being rant. he's doing what he's supposed to fort governorship. i don't think that anyone should read into it. however, if you are republican and you are concerned and turning your head, why did he do that? it should give you great comfort that romney made the right decision on his vice presidential choice in paul ryan. >> brian: right. mitt romney also credited governor governor christie. he's doing a great job. >> yeah. there's a way to be able to get outside of dealing with the fiscal cliff when you're dealing with natural disasters and people's lives. >> brian: we'll watch "the five," but focus on you. >> great. >> brian: dana perino. >> gretchen: no doubt at all for john boehner. he's guaranteeing mitt romney will carry his state of ohio. >> the romney ground gave us bigger and more sophisticated than anything i've seen. we have the enthusiasm on our side. polls don't decide elections.
8:13 am
voters do. >> just to be clear, you're guaranteeing a victory for mitt romney? >> no question. >> no question we win ohio. >> gretchen: you can watch bill hemmer's entire interview with the speaker coming up on "america's news room." that's your quick headlines. >> steve: all right. it's monday morning. are you already in a bad mood? the experts have figured out a specific smell that will snap you out of the blues, guaranteed to put new a good mood. we're going to talk about that. >> brian: how will the results affect florida? allen west live. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. tomato, obviously.
8:14 am
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8:15 am
[ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make meone happy.♪.♪it's so e ♪make just one heart to heart you - you sing to♪ ♪one smile that cheers you ♪one face that lights when it nears you.♪ ♪and you will be happy too.
8:16 am
ed >> gretchen: 16 minutes after the top of the hour. could it be a sign of things to come? florida already seeing problems with the early voting. democrats filing a lawsuit demanding four counties get extra time. joining me to weigh in is
8:17 am
florida congressman colonel allen west. good to see you, colonel. >> always good to see you and my thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to all of the victims of hurricane sandy up there. >> gretchen: thank you so much. let's talk a little about what's going on in sunny florida. as of the last few days, these lawsuits being filed. evidently a lot of people standing in line and then some being cut off initially. what do you make of the whole situation? >> well, i voted during early voting, as well as my wife and oldest daughter. took us about an hour and a half, two hours last week. so i think that you have the options of absentee ballots, early voting and also going out on election day. i think you're starting to see some she unanimous begans taking place down here, we had the supervisor elections all of a sudden get lawyered up about last thursday or friday, refusing to talk to the republican county chairman and also any candidates. yesterday we had the palm beach county supervisor of elections susan booker, make the decision on her own that she was going to
8:18 am
somewhat extend early voting by allowing people to bring in absentee ballots and fill in absentee ballots in person. that was something that the -- the county chairman for the republican party was not notified or any of the republican candidates, but yet all of the democrat candidates and their executive committee chairman was notified about. so i think that you're starting to see some nefarious actions already coming from the other side because there has been an incredible turnout from republican voters on the early voting down here in florida. >> gretchen: that's interesting. now will those votes count? are they being held aside? how are they hamming that? >> that's what we're trying to get to the bottom of. i was speaking last night with the republican county chairman for palm beach county as far as how we were going to get these proper procedures in place because as i said, absentee ballots are supposed to be mailed in. now miss booker has made the decision that you can come in and do an absentee ballot and turn it in right on the spot. that's her means by which she's going to extend early voting which is not the true letter, i
8:19 am
think, of what we should be following. >> gretchen: obviously florida is so important because it has more than 20 electoral votes. now the latest poll shows that mitt romney has an edge over president obama. do you feel secure that your candidate is going to win after tomorrow night? >> yes, i do feel quite secure in that because what we are experiencing down mirror, especially with south florida, in a fellow is the -- florida is the highest foreclosure state and we have the highest county for foreclosures down here in south florida. we still have unemployment in this area that is north of 9% in several of our counties. i think another thing that a lot of people are not talking about, but people on the ground are talk being here, senator mccain mentioned it, the benghazi incident. they're very upset with the president. they're very upset with this administration. they don't feel we have a commander in chief that's going to protect our men and women in uniform. florida has a lot of veterans that will be voting. the economic situation, energy situation with high gas prices, and also our foreign policy and
8:20 am
national security situation, that's going to cause voters to go toward mitt romney. >> gretchen: we'll see how it all pans out tomorrow. colonel and congressman allen west, good to seeou today. >> thank you. >> gretchen: remember when candidate obama said this about president bush? >> over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back, $30,000 per every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible! it's unpatriotic. >> gretchen: our next guest says it's actually president obama who is growing those numbers now that he's president. the evidence he has coming up next. then his swing state could swing the entire election. ohio governor john kasich is going to join us live. don't miss it [ timers ringing ]
8:21 am
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>> gretchen: extreme weather alert. earthquake hitting new jersey overnight. the 2.0 quake rattling ringwood. a community rocked by hurricane sandy already. at this hour, luckily, no reports of any damage. this video is truly inspirational. republican senator mark kirk from illinois making his first public appearance since having a stroke in january. he took part in the sky rise chicago climb. his goal? to climb 30 flights. instead, he climbed 37. >> great. a lot more steps than the 45 that my staff counted to the senate front door. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: also an inspiration, zach botcher, he became the first person ever to
8:25 am
deplete the task with a bionic leg. congratulations. guys? >> steve: that is terrific. meanwhile, remember back in 2008 when then senator barak obama called president bush unpatriotic for increasing the national debt. >> the problem is that the way bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children. we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible! that's unpatriotic. >> brian: while using his own words, the president has been very irresponsible and patriotic by his own measure. here with us to discuss, the syndicated columnist and fox news contributor. what kind of grades would you give him on the economy, because as he talks about all the time, he did inherit a tough
8:26 am
situation. >> i give him a little credit, about a d. he got a bad hand, no doubt. but so did ronald reagan. reagan inherit add real mess after jimmy carter. but he turned around and fixed it and improved it. unfortunately, for obama, he definitely was handed a mess by big spending g.w. bush and unfortunately, just made it worse by spending lots more money, obamacare, stimulus and all these other things. it would be bad enough if we spent all the money, but at least we were growing at the moment much but the only growing we're doing is growing in areas we shouldn't be growing. >> steve: for instance on poverty. poverty on this president's watch is up over 6%. >> up over 6%. >> steve: federal work force, big government, it's getting bigger. it's up 6%. food stamps, this is disturbing. up 41%. that's enormous. >> enormous increase of people who are in a state of desperation. we want to see people on food stamps go back to work so they don't need food stamps. 42% increase, the number of people on food stamps. >> brian: listened to a speech yesterday and he said we need
8:27 am
more jobs. we got to get the wealthiest to do more. he's still talk being this as if that's going to balance the books. >> this is his plan, take more money from wealthy people and not even use that to pay off the enormous debts that have gone up 52% under president obama, but to do more investments in green energy and we've seen these jobs where they are created are something like $578,000 per job created with all these loan guarantee programs, the department of energy, and in many case, these company, solyndra and 14, 15 others have gone bankrupt. >> steve: just give people half a million dollars, they do better. real quickly, on this president's watch, gas prices have gone up 101%. you say tomorrow when people go into the voting booth, if they really think about the price of gas, the economy in general, when given the choice between mitt romney and barak obama, they're going to pull the lever for mitt romney. >> i think they will. i think people will say do we want four more years of stagnation and division and revenge or do we want somebody who is talk being a plan to get
8:28 am
us back to prosperity. i think they'll vote for mitt romney. >> steve: two days from now we'll know. >> we hope we will on wednesday. >> brian: we might even know on tuesday. >> steve: i hope so. >> brian: thanks so much. i read your columns. straight ahead, are you in a bad mood right now? >> steve: why are you asking? >> brian: i'm not asking you, steve. i was talking to the people. you go ahead and finish. i don't want you to get angrier. >> steve: are you in a bad mood? if so, there is an easy way to explain guaranteed to turn that frown, like brian's got, upside down. we'll reveal it next. then all eyes on ohio. right, mike? >> look how busy early voting is here in the battle ground buckeye state. what is it going to do to the big day? live report coming up. ♪ i'm all shook up ♪ yeah, yeah
8:29 am
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♪ . >> brian: shot of the morning now. look behind the scenes, this picture of paul ryan and his wife smiling as their daughter poses for this shot.
8:33 am
they're all back stage before a campaign event yesterday in ohio. >> steve: which one? >> brian: he'll be in wisconsin tonight. >> steve: they'll be all over the state. >> gretchen: still a swing state, very important undecided. both campaigns are not letting the buckeye stay out of their sights. 18 electoral votes considered crucial as both president obama and mitt romney try to hit the magic number of 270. mike tobin live for us again in columbus. all right, what can you tell us? >> look around at all of the activity at the early voting center here in franklin county in ohio. over the weekend, 8,531 people dropped off an early ballot at this location. to give you an idea with all of these people packed in here action all of the activity you see, this is an empty kohl's department store. the place is packed right now. democrats believe all of this early voting activity in ohio is going to work in their favor. they're counting on a big bump from this. this is why the democrats fought
8:34 am
so hard to keep early voting locations open through this final weekend leading into the election itself. according to the associated press, of known republicans, of known democrats who dropped off a ballot, democrats lead by 6%. republicans have their own take on the situation, though. they believe because the democrats put so much effort into the early vote, that their cannibalizing their vote on election day. they think when the big day comes around, you'll see the numbers swing. both are predict ago narrow finish and lawyered up, both sides have observers at all of these polling locations. no doubt about it, in the buckeye state, every vote counts. gretchen, back to you. >> steve: mike, why are they showing up on a monday when they could be showing up tomorrow on a tuesday? why do they do it early when they can do it the day of? >> you have to talk to the individuals to find out. but there was a concerted effort on the part of the democrats to make sure that people got out early and dropped off their ballots. you see the republicans focusing more on the right leaning voters to get them to vote early.
8:35 am
but as far as what we saw from the democratic campaigns, there was a concerted effort all of the door knocking, all of the phone calling, all of the work you saw on the ground game was get people to vote early. >> gretchen: if you talk to ken blackwell, former secretary of state of ohio, he'll tell you that there is so many voters in ohio who are interested and on tuesday, if you didn't have this early voting, you would wait four or five hours to vote. he says the way of taking the pressure off. >> steve: a sign of the times that that kohl's department store looks like it closed, the economy. mean while, 25 minutes before the top of the hour. there could be a new storm threat looming for those devastated by sandy along the northeast. so what does that mean for residents there and also let's start with election day because of the big nor'easter comes the day after. maria molina is live in the weather center. >> good morning. that's right. unfortunately, we're talking about now a nor'easter coming on
8:36 am
wednesday to impact areas hit hard by sandy. so we could be looking at potentially more power outages. when some people are just getting their power back now. but as far as election day weather, we are looking at a lot of sunshine across portion of the northeast. it is going to be a cool day. high temperatures, widespread in the 40s. showers across northern portions of the state of florida and across georgia and the carolinas. as we head west north texas issues here. a loot of sunshine and temperatures very warm. 91 for your high in phoenix and 85 for your high temperature in l.a here is a quick shot of that storm system we're tracking as we head into wednesday and thursday. the worst of it across the coast of new jersey and new york city, long island. in late wednesday and also into the overnight hours early thursday. but overall, we're look at very cold rain forecast, even heavier snow forecasts along interior portions of the northeast. wind gusts and the possibility of more coastal flooding. >> steve: thanks. >> gretchen: thanks so much. >> brian: new jersey is a state
8:37 am
devastated by hurricane sandy, but now as they deal with long lines, starting to rebuild and they need your help. one person who is leading the cause, first lady of new jersey, mary pat christirk e. she joins us now. where do we find you this morning? >> good morning, brian. i am in hoboken in front of carlos bakery, washington street. >> brian: what are you doing there? >> well, i'm here in front of -- actual lea working with the salvation army who is feeding lots of people in hoboken who still don't have power and also trying to promote the new relief fund that my husband and i set up this weekend. >> steve: that's right. and for folks with internet service, it's sandy nj are you looking just for money, because i know in my neighborhood, some people were getting together and talking about we probably should send some coats out or some warm
8:38 am
clothes because it is in the 20s and 30s this week in new jersey. >> there is lots of people that are doing that and people accepting those donations as well. 1-8 money-jersey 7. what we're trying to do is ask people for their money, ask to go to our web site and donate because after the electricity is turned on and the red cross who is doing an amazing job goes home, these people are going to have gaps in their funding, from fema and insurance companies to rebuild their hopes. we want to be there for the long run for the next two years to help build communities and rebuild homes. >> gretchen: it's been so interesting because obviously your husband took charge right away. we've seen so much of the governor out there. he was with the president. there has been a lot of attention on devastation in new jersey. some people who live in new york feel like they had maybe the same amount of devastation, but haven't had the same attention. do you have any idea why? >> well, i think that new jersey
8:39 am
just is an incredibly great spirit about it. we've had people from all over the country come to help us, from north carolina, from michigan, from tennessee. it's really remarkable. i think that the governor exudes that spirit of new jersey and people want to come and help us. >> steve: and devastation in portions of new jersey is bad and a lot of people have the lights out and, in fact, i heard your husband say, i think it was yesterday or the day before, the lights are still out at my house. do you have power back at your house, mary pat? >> we do not have power back yet, unfortunately. but hopefully my children will be going back to school tomorrow and i think that -- we lost a few tree, but far better off than so many people in new jersey. >> brian: the good news is for your children, they tonight have to wait for a voice mail message, they can just ask their dad if there is school tomorrow. >> we do have access to the school opening list. >> gretchen: mary pat christie, what's your web site?
8:40 am
>> it's i want to ask people to give what they can. >> gretchen: thanks so much for making people aware of this as you continue to clean up all that devastation in your state. >> thank you. >> steve: good luck to you. >> brian: that's mary pat. now the rest of your headlines. nearly two months later, cbs releasing more of president obama's interview the day after the attack on libya. that left four americans dead. he hesitates calling it a terrorist attack, a little different than what he said at the debate. he told soft croft, it's too early to tell how this came about, what group was involved, but obviously it was an attack on americans. earlier, senator john mccain said veterans are outraged. >> they are angry. they have lost their trust in this commander in chief and they want a full and complete investigation. the only way you're going to get a full and complete investigation is a watergate-type select committee that's bipartisan and is in
8:41 am
congress. you're not going to get a straight story out of this administration. >> brian: cbs not saying why they're releasing it now in drips and drabs like they have over the last six weeks. >> gretchen: cancer survivor sharon osborne reveal ago major health scare secret. the wife of ozzie osborne revealing she had a double mastectomy. learns she carries a gene that increases the risk of developing breast cancer. she said she didn't want to live with the shadow hanging over her. >> brian: in a bad mood? maybe all you need is to cheer up is some bread. new study found that the smell of freshly baked bread not only makes you hungry, but makes you nicer. >> steve: really? >> brian: french researchers found choppers were more likely to let strangers know they had dropped something if they were standing in front of a bakery as opposed to a clothing store. i don't know if i love that science. >> gretchen: why do we need to know this? >> steve: surveys --
8:42 am
>> gretchen: who dreams up let's come up with probable will he federal dollars and let's put them outside of a bakery? >> brian: we already knew this, if i want to look at my mood, i look at my mood ring. >> steve: i don't know that bread puts us in a good mood, but more dough certainly does. >> brian: very good. which is how you catch goldfish. >> steve: it is indeed. straight ahead, stunning reversal, the new york daily news, which four years ago endorsed barak obama, has now endorsed mitt romney. somebody else who switched his support from obama to romney here next to tell us what's going on. by the way, he used to work at the daily news. >> gretchen: his swing state could swing the entire election. how governor john kasich is here live, right back [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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8:46 am
>> brian: after supporting president obama in 2008, the new york daily news now endorsing mitt romney? the paper saying, quote, the hopes of those days went unfulfilled and the, quote -- regrettable truth is obama built the record of miscalculations and missed opportunities, leaving them compelled to stand with mitt romney. our next guest also had a change of heart after voting for him in 2008. and used to work for the daily news as an editor over there, won aplitesser prize -- pulitzer prize there. fox news contributor michael goodwin, the "new york post" columnist. thank you for joining us. does this surprise you? >> well, look, it does to the extent that the daily news has become a very liberal paper, especially in this news pages the last couple of years. but what the publisher saw is what papers across the country
8:47 am
are seeing, is that the economy is in the tank, it's not growing. president obama has divided the country along class and race lines that he really has no plan for a second term. so when you look at the compared to mitt romney, it's a fairly easy call. >> brian: did mitt romney turning things around and selling himself, help other newspapers? i believe 12 in battle ground states flip allegiances. >> overall, 30 papers across the country flipped. as you say, about a dozen in the battle ground states. those are the most important ones right now. papers we want for president obama in 2008, as i did, as the daily news did, that have now switched to mitt romney, this time around. that's a sign, i believe, that not just that president obama has failed, but that mitt romney really made an affirmative case for himself in the debates and really in the last month and a half. >> brian: here is what the wisconsin state journal in endorsing mitt romney said. this was not an easy endorsement to make, but this election is about jobs, slow economy and
8:48 am
washington's dysfunction. we endorsed the president for change last time. now we're endorsing change this time around with mitt romney. i just see a strong case things will change for the president with the republicans if he gets another four years. i don't think he's even tried to incredibly make that case. >> what's interesting, brian, is that president obama, in this entire campaign, has been trying to unify the base. he's been trying to gin up the base, get them excited, make fun of romney. he's made no efforts to reach out to across the aisle, to reach undecide voters, to reach centrist voters. it's very much a base election for him. i think that's one of the prime differences is that mitt romney has been making a national appeal about the future of the country on debt and deficit and entitlement, taxes. president obama has been micro targeting, the base groups of the democratic party. it's almost like parallel universes trying to get to the same point. >> brian: i look forward to talking to you more about this on radio at the top of the hour on kilmeade and friends.
8:49 am
thanks so much. we read your columns. all eyes are on ho o. governor john kasich's state could swing the entire election. what is he hearing on the ground? he's next. first, let's check in with bill hemmer who has been all over ohio. he's going to tell us what's on his show. >> how are you doing? we've been thinking about you. and your family and everyone. >> brian: among the many in the area. thank you. >> here is what i want our viewers to understand about you. you are always a positive optimistic guy. that shows through yet again. here is to you, okay? >> brian: thank you. >> then there was one, folks. one day left. rudy guiliani live with us today. guess which state he's in today? karl rove breaks down his final numbers for us a day before the big vote. more of any exclusive interview with john boehner on how he would work with a president romney. martha and i have everything for you. it's all covered, ten minutes away here on "america's newsroom" you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains.
8:50 am
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>> steve: it's look more and more like ohio may help decide tomorrow's election. but in northeast ohio, democratic stronghold, people have experienced power outages in one county. will that affect the early votes? joining us now is the governor of said state, john kasich. good morning to you, governor. >> steve. >> steve: so i read that in cayhoga which generally leans left, they had pretty substantial power outage which is could impact early voting which wrapped up yesterday. >> there is still a chance to vote today and we don't think there has been any impact on that, steve. everything is up and running and we did have a serious loss of power, but it's down to about
8:54 am
1,000 people without power there. but those voting booths, all that, that's up and running. it's all okay. >> steve: all right. you are the fellow who runs the state government along with the legislature there in ohio. i know you are 100% behind mitt romney. how does it look for him today, the day before we vote? >> well, we looked at these internals that they have. i don't study these numbers, but i sort of get briefed on them. and early voting, we have found democrats falling short of what we believe their goals are, much shorter than where they were just four years ago. so what you have is i always think enthusiasm really matters. you go to these rallies around ohio and it's unbelievable the people that are showing up. you can't judge everything by rallies, but you look at one camp and you look at the other and you see kind of grim determination in one camp and in the other camp, you got
8:55 am
everybody fired up. it's like a swap from where we were just four years ago. again, these internal polls have shown romney, even though it's gotten closer, particularly after the hurricane, it's gotten closer, romney still stays ahead, even though it's still very close. >> steve: governor, a lot of the main stream media experts, though, who look at other polls, they say it is close, but the president has the edge. what do you know that they don't? >> well, you got to understand, steve, i've said this now over and over. god created pollsters to make astrologers look accurate. it's all about turnout model. now, if you ask a pollster how are you projecting turnout? what they'll normally tell you is we do it on the basis of how people voted in the past. but that's probably not -- when you take a look at the enthusiasm gap between four years ago and now, it makes all the sense in the world to sort of trim those numbers back.
8:56 am
so i think the internal premises that they have in the romney campaign just show a democrat turnout that's going to be decent, but not to the level that they've had and, again, it's all the way you plug the numbers in. i'm convinced, 'cause i know their pollster, that the romney pollster, he's very soaker and very somber guy and he's never like, you know, irrationally exuberant. i've never seen that out of him. >> steve: that says a lot about it. i love your line about astrologers, i'm going to steal that. john kasich joining us from the great city of columbus, ohio. thank you very much. we know you've got an awfully big day and a half ahead. >> thank you. >> steve: more fox friends friends live from new york and all over the place in two minutes
8:57 am
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